Warm Audio WA-DI-A Active Direct Box
Warm Audio WA-DI-A Active Direct Box
Warm Audio WA-DI-A Active Direct Box

Warm Audio WA-DI-A Active Direct Box

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Whether you play guitar, bass, keyboards or another stringed instrument, you'll need a direct box that won't diminish your instrument's tone, like the Direct Box Active and Direct Box Passive from Warm Audio.  Built around world-famous CineMag USA Transformer topology and engineering, like no other DI Boxes in the world. Constructed with top-tier discrete components housed in rugged aluminum chassis' that include switches, knobs and connectors that are all designed to withstand heavy abuse on the road or in the studio.

Every aspect of direct boxes are designed for maximum sonic integrity, from the custom-wound CineMag USA transformer to the rugged metal knob and switches.  You can expect warm, rich tone even after long cable runs, and the extruded aluminum enclosure ensures a long life span.  When you need to convert an instrument-level signal to mic-level, with sonic quality as your top priority, you'll be well-served with the Direct Box Active and Direct Box Passive from Warm Audio.

Warm Audio DI boxes offer the rare versatility of having an onboard variable pad knob which attenuates your input signal all the way from -3dB to -30dB, which will easily tame any instrument input source.

Both of our Direct Boxes offer a Thru-put jack that is jumpered to the input jack. It is a convenience jack allowing you to send your instrument's signal to a second place in addition to the live mixer or recording device. Direct Boxes can also take a recorded signal at line level and send it to another line input while simultaneously sending signal out of the XLR mic level output of the Direct Box.

Connecting electronic instruments such as guitar, bass, keyboard, or drum machines directly to a PA or recording system. Simply put, a DI box converts the high impedance, unbalanced output signals to low impedance, balanced output signals. By doing so, the instrument signals are now converted to the proper voltage level for the PA or recording system - which greatly reduces and/or eliminates connections which could cause tonal shifts and distortion.

Direct Box Active is best for instruments with passive pickups, especially acoustic instruments.  The Direct Box Active can also operate in "passive" mode.


  • Power: 48v phantom or two 9v batteries. Can also be used passively
  • Custom-wound cinemag usa output transformer
  • Converts instruments to mic-level signals without signal degradation
  • Ideal solution for plugging your instrument direct into any mic pre
  • Top-quality class a components with gold-plated traces on circuit board
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Pad: variable from -3 to -30db
  • Balanced output: 600 ohms, mic level
  • Input impedance: 1 meg ohms
  • Thd: .01% from 20hz to 50hz. Less than .003% from 50hz to 20khz
  • Frequency response: 10hz to 90khz +/- 0.5db